“I give Collierville a lot of credit

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pandora earrings He said he’s heard positive feedback so far because the plan follows the county’s insistence that SCS eliminate open seats across the district.”They’ve been clear around, ‘hey you’ve got too many schools,’and I do think at the end of the day we’re bringing them a very smart plan,” Hopson said.Reaves said $24 million for an elementary school also sounds high pandora jewelry, but the price tag could be worth it for efficiency and what it would offer students.”That sounds like overkill to me but I’ll reserve judgment until I hear from those guys on what their plans are,” Reaves said.School board member Billy Orgel, chairman of the facilities committee, said he too questioned the increased price tag, but was glad to hear the district isn’t settling for just the basics for its neediest students. Echoing themes of equity that Hopson has preached recently, Orgelcompared what SCS has done historically with new buildings to what Collierville Schools is doing with more than $90 million to build a new high school.”I give Collierville a lot of credit, they went and said ‘this is what we need to make our students successful in our new high school’ and that’s how they designed it,” he said. “We should do things the same way.”.. pandora earrings

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